Epicardial activation after unsuccessful defibrillation shocks in dogs.

  title={Epicardial activation after unsuccessful defibrillation shocks in dogs.},
  author={Nitaro Shibata and P S Chen and E G Dixon and Patrick D. Wolf and N D Danieley and William M. Smith and Raymond E. Ideker},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={255 4 Pt 2},
To study defibrillation, shocks were given to seven dogs during electrically induced fibrillation, while recordings were made from 56 epicardial electrodes. Shocks were given via electrodes on the left ventricular apex and the right atrium, creating an uneven shock field with much higher potential gradients in the apex than in the base of the ventricles. For unsuccessful 0.01- to 0.05-J shocks, activation occurred soon after the shock at many sites in both the base and the apex. For 0.1- to 0.5… CONTINUE READING