Ephrin-a5 affects the laminar organisation of the neocortex

  title={Ephrin-a5 affects the laminar organisation of the neocortex},
  author={Geraldine Zimmer and Katrin Gerstmann and Bettina Kaestner and J{\"u}rgen Bolz},
  journal={International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience},
The mammalian neocortex is organised into six layers, each defined by the densities, morphologies and the intrinsic and extrinsic connections of its constituent cells. The laminar identity of an individual cortical neuron depends on the time of its “birth”. Neurons destined for the infragranular layers are born at early stages, while supragranular neurons are born at later stages of embryonic development, resulting in an “inside-out” formation of the cortex. Various key molecules have already… CONTINUE READING

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