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Ephemerum cohaerens (Hedw.) Hampe and E. spinulosum Bruch & Schimp. (Ephemeraceae, Bryopsida), new to the Iberian Peninsula

  title={Ephemerum cohaerens (Hedw.) Hampe and E. spinulosum Bruch \& Schimp. (Ephemeraceae, Bryopsida), new to the Iberian Peninsula},
  author={Marta Infante and Patxi Heras},
  journal={Cryptogamie Bryologie},
Ephemerum cohaerens et E. spinulosum sont ici signales pour la premiere fois pour la bryoflore iberique. Les sites et leur ecologie sont decrits, et une clef d'identification de toutes les especes du genre Ephemerum connues dans la Peninsule Iberique est incluse. 
Notes on taxonomy of some European species of Ephemerum (Bryopsida: Pottiaceae)
All three taxa are treated as subspecies of E. crassinervium, E. sessile and E. rutheanum in characters of leaves, tubers and capsules are shown to be slight, with considerable overlap, and a revised key to European Ephemerum and Micromitrium is presented.
An annotated checklist of the mosses of Europe and Macaronesia
The moss flora of Europe and Macaronesia comprises 278 genera, 1292 species, 46 subspecies and 118 varieties, which is strongly influenced by results of modern molecular methods, but there are still many remaining uncertainties, even at family level.
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Physcomitrella patens used as study shows high uniformity in the response of the Higgs boson to high-energy particles, similar to that of the proton-proton-satellite collisions.
Die Moosflora der abgelassenen Wahnbachtalsperre 2008
Im Fruhjahr 2008 war bereits angekundigt worden, dass die Wahnbachtalsperre im Bergischen Land nordlich Bonn abgelassen werden sollte. Da dies eine interessante ephemere Moosvegetation erwarten lies,