EphB4 controls blood vascular morphogenesis during postnatal angiogenesis.

  title={EphB4 controls blood vascular morphogenesis during postnatal angiogenesis.},
  author={Ralf Erber and Uta Eichelsbacher and Violetta Powajbo and Tobias Korn and Valentin Djonov and Jihong Lin and H Hammes and Rainer Grobholz and Axel Ullrich and Peter Vajkoczy},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={25 3},
Guidance molecules have attracted interest by demonstration that they regulate patterning of the blood vascular system during development. However, their significance during postnatal angiogenesis has remained unknown. Here, we demonstrate that endothelial cells of human malignant brain tumors also express guidance molecules, such as EphB4 and its ligand ephrinB2. To study their function, EphB4 variants were overexpressed in blood vessels of tumor xenografts. Our studies revealed that EphB4… CONTINUE READING


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