EphA4-Dependent Axon Guidance Is Mediated by the RacGAP α2-Chimaerin

  title={EphA4-Dependent Axon Guidance Is Mediated by the RacGAP α2-Chimaerin},
  author={Heike Wegmeyer and Joaquim Egea and Nadine Rabe and Henrik Gezelius and Alessandro Filosa and Anders Enjin and Frederique Varoqueaux and Katrin Deininger and Frank Schn{\"u}tgen and Nils Brose and Ruediger Klein and Klas Kullander and Andrea Betz},
Heike Wegmeyer,1 Joaquim Egea,2 Nadine Rabe,4 Henrik Gezelius,4 Alessandro Filosa,2,3 Anders Enjin,4 Frederique Varoqueaux,1 Katrin Deininger,2 Frank Schnütgen,5 Nils Brose,1 Rüdiger Klein,2 Klas Kullander,4 and Andrea Betz1,* 1Department of Molecular Neurobiology and DFG Center for Molecular Physiology of the Brain, Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine, D-37075 Göttingen, Germany 2Department of Molecular Neurobiology 3The International Max Planck Research School for Molecular and… CONTINUE READING
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