Ependymal tumors in childhood.

  title={Ependymal tumors in childhood.},
  author={Fulya Yaman Ağaoğlu and Inci Ayan and Yavuz Dizdar and Rejin Kebudi and Omer Gorgun and Emin Darendeliler},
  journal={Pediatric blood & cancer},
  volume={45 3},
BACKGROUND Ependymal tumors are classified as ependymoma (benign or low grade) versus anaplastic ependymoma (malignant or high grade). Ependymomas represent 5-10% of intracranial neoplasm in children. In this study, demographic data and the treatment results of pediatric patients with ependymal tumors, treated in a single institute, is reported. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between 1989 and 2001, 40 (22 M/18 F) previously untreated patients with a median age of 5.5 years (3 months-15 years), of… CONTINUE READING


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