Enzymological Determination of Free Carnitine Concentrations in Rat Tissues.

  title={Enzymological Determination of Free Carnitine Concentrations in Rat Tissues.},
  author={N R Marquis and Irving B. Fritz},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
In the presence of a known excess of acetyl CoA, free CoA released was determined simultaneously in a coupled spectrophotometric assay. CoA formed was shown to be directly related to carnitine initially present. Rat tissue extracts were analyzed using this method, and rmoles of (-)-carnitine per gram dry weight were found to be 4.87 for heart; 3.14 for brown adipose tissue; 2.68 for skeletal muscle; 1.74 for testes; 1.26 for kidney; 0.55 for brain; and 0.051 for serum. The specificity and… CONTINUE READING


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