Enzymic production of sweet stevioside derivatives: transglucosylation by glucosidases.

  title={Enzymic production of sweet stevioside derivatives: transglucosylation by glucosidases.},
  author={S V Lobov and Ryoji Kasai and Kazuhiro Ohtani and Osamu Tanaka and Kazuo Yamasaki},
  journal={Agricultural and biological chemistry},
  volume={55 12},
For the purpose of improving sweetness and a further study on the structure-sweetness relationship of steviol glycosides, transglycosylation of stevioside by a variety of commercial glucosidases was investigated. It was revealed that two alpha-glucosidases gave glucosylated products. Transglucosylation of stevioside by Pullulanase and pullulan exclusively afforded three products, 13-O-[beta-maltotriosyl-(1----2)-beta-D-glucosyl]-19-O-beta-D-g luc osyl- steviol (1), 13-O-[beta-maltosyl-(1----2… CONTINUE READING

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