Enzyme purification using temperature-induced phase formation.

  title={Enzyme purification using temperature-induced phase formation.},
  author={P A Harris and Gunnar Karlstr{\"o}m and Folke Tjerneld},
  volume={2 4},
A new type of aqueous two-phase system composed of an ethylene oxide and propylene oxide random co-polymer, UCON 50-HB-5100, as the upper phase polymer and either dextran or hydroxypropyl starch as the lower phase polymer has been characterized and used to purify 3-phosphoglycerate kinase (EC and hexokinase (EC from bakers' yeast. The UCON 50-HB-5100 polymer has a cloud point of 55 degrees C at which temperature it phase separates from water. This cloud point can be lowered to… CONTINUE READING