Enzyme electrodes based on sono-gel containing ferrocenyl compounds.

  title={Enzyme electrodes based on sono-gel containing ferrocenyl compounds.},
  author={Barbara Ballarin and Maria Cristina Cassani and Rita Mazzoni and Erika Scavetta and Domenica Tonelli},
  journal={Biosensors & bioelectronics},
  volume={22 7},
An amperometric-mediated glucose sensor has been developed by employing a silica sono-gel carbon composite electrode (SCC). The chosen mediators, ferrocene (Fc) and 1,2-diferrocenylethane (1), have been immobilized in the sono-gel composite matrix. The complex 1 has been employed for the first time as an electron transfer mediator for signal transduction from the active centre of the enzyme to the electrode conductive surface. After the optimisation of the construction procedure the best… CONTINUE READING