Enzyme catalyzed production of biodiesel from olive oil.

  title={Enzyme catalyzed production of biodiesel from olive oil.},
  author={Fernando Vicente S{\'a}nchez and Palligarnai T. Vasudevan},
  journal={Applied biochemistry and biotechnology},
  volume={135 1},
Biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters) was produced by transesterification of triglycerides (triolein) present in olive oil with methanol and Novozym435. The effect of the molar ratio of methanol to triolein, semibatch (stepwise addition of methanol) vs batch operation, enzyme activity, and reaction temperature on overall conversion was determined. Stepwise methanolysis with a 3:1 methanol to triolein molar ratio and an overall ratio of 8:1 gave the best results. The final conversion and yield of… CONTINUE READING

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