Enzyme activation for activator and enzyme activity measurement.


A new sensing principle of enzyme activation is demonstrated for the determination of glycogen phosphorylase b and its allosteric effector AMP. As the indicator of the phosphorylase catalysed glycogen phosphorolysis, glucose-1-phosphate formation has been detected with an enzyme sequence comprising coentrapped alkaline phosphatase, mutarotase and glucose oxidase on a hydrogen peroxide indicating electrode. The optimized three-enzyme sensor was useful for the determination of 0.005-0.2 U.ml-1 glycogen phosphorylase a and b. A biosensor for AMP and inorganic phosphate has been developed by coupling glycogen entrapped phosphorylases to the three-enzyme indicator membrane. The measurement of AMP is based on the modulation of the phosphorylase b catalysed glycogen phosphorylating activity. The proposed sensor responds to AMP between 5 and 150 microM. The calibration graph of the reagentless phosphate sensor is linear between 0.05 and 1 mM.

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