Enzymatic synthesis of c-di-GMP using a thermophilic diguanylate cyclase.

  title={Enzymatic synthesis of c-di-GMP using a thermophilic diguanylate cyclase.},
  author={Feng Rao and Swathi Pasunooti and Yinglu Ng and Weichao Zhuo and Lishi Lim and Angeline Weixian Liu and Zhao-Xun Liang},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={389 2},
The cyclic dinucleotide c-di-GMP is a widespread bacterial messenger molecule with potential application as a therapeutic agent for treating bacterial infection. Current enzymatic synthesis of c-di-GMP using mesophilic diguanylate cyclase (DGC) proteins suffers from low production yield due to protein instability and strong product inhibition. Here we report the overexpression and characterization of a stand-alone thermophilic diguanylate cyclase domain (tDGC) protein with enhanced… CONTINUE READING
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