Enzymatic reactions involved in the repair of oxidized proteins.

  title={Enzymatic reactions involved in the repair of oxidized proteins.},
  author={J. Y. Mary and St{\'e}phanie Vougier and Cĕdric R Picot and Martine Perichon and Isabelle Petropoulos and Bertrand Friguet},
  journal={Experimental gerontology},
  volume={39 8},
Proteins are the targets of reactive oxygen species, and cell aging is characterized by a build-up of oxidized proteins. Oxidized proteins tend to accumulate with age, due to either an increase in the rate of protein oxidation, a decrease in the rate of oxidized protein repair and degradation, or a combination of both mechanisms. Oxidized protein degradation is mainly carried out by the proteasomal system, which is the main intracellular proteolytic pathway involved in protein turnover and the… CONTINUE READING

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