Enzymatic reactions in the degradation of 5-aminovalerate by Clostridium aminovalericum.

  title={Enzymatic reactions in the degradation of 5-aminovalerate by Clostridium aminovalericum.},
  author={H. A. Barker and Linda D'Ari and Jeremy M. Kahn},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={262 19},
The anaerobic degradation of 5-aminovalerate to valerate, acetate, propionate, and ammonia by Clostridium aminovalericum was shown to involve the following intermediates: glutaric semialdehyde, 5-hydroxyvalerate, 5-hydroxyvaleryl-CoA, 4-pentenoyl-CoA, 2,4-pentadienoyl-CoA, trans-2-pentenoyl-CoA, L-3-hydroxyvaleryl-CoA, 3-ketovaleryl-CoA, acetyl- and propionyl-CoA and the corresponding acylphosphates, valeryl-CoA, and possibly 3-pentenoyl-CoA. With exception of the enzyme presumably reducing 2,4… CONTINUE READING
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