Enzymatic production of L-alanine by Pseudomonas dacunhae.

  title={Enzymatic production of L-alanine by Pseudomonas dacunhae.},
  author={Ichiro Chibata and Takatoshi Kakimoto and Johji Kato},
  journal={Applied microbiology},
  volume={13 5},
To establish an advantageous method for the production of l-alanine, a procedure was studied for converting l-aspartic acid to l-alanine by microbial l-aspartic beta-decarboxylase. A number of organisms were screened to test their ability to form and accumulate alanine from aspartic acid. Pseudomonas dacunhae was selected as the most advantageous organism. With this organism, enzyme activity as high as 3,910 muliters of CO(2) per hr per ml of medium could be produced by shaking the culture at… CONTINUE READING