Enzymatic penetration through intact sulcular epithelium.

  title={Enzymatic penetration through intact sulcular epithelium.},
  author={Ra{\'u}l Guillermo Caffesse and Carlos E. Nasjleti},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={47 7},
To explore possible enzymatic penetration through intact sulcular epithelium tritium labeled hyaluronidase and collagenase were applied to the gingival sulcus of five white lip marmosets. One quadrant per monkey remained untreated. Each remaining quadrant was randomly assigned to one of the following modalities of application: (a) tritiated hyaluronidase, (b) tritiated collagenase, (c) unlabeled hyaluronidase followed by tritiated collagenase, (d) inactivated tritiated hyaluronidase, or (e… CONTINUE READING