Enzymatic activity of albumin shown by coelenterazine chemiluminescence.

  title={Enzymatic activity of albumin shown by coelenterazine chemiluminescence.},
  author={N Vassel and Charles D. Cox and Riffat Naseem and Victoria Morse and Richard T Evans and Robert Leo Power and Andrea Brancale and Kenneth T. Wann and Anthony K. Campbell},
  journal={Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence},
  volume={27 3},
Bioluminescence, the emission of light from live organisms, occurs in 18 phyla and is the major communication system in the deep sea. It has appeared independently many times during evolution but its origins remain unknown. Coelenterazine bioluminescence discovered in luminous jellyfish is the most common chemistry causing bioluminescence in the sea, occurring in seven phyla. Sequence similarities between coelenterazine luciferases and photoproteins from different phyla are poor (often < 5… CONTINUE READING


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