Enzymatic Synthesis of Anserine in Skeletal Muscle by N-Methylation of Carnosines

  title={Enzymatic Synthesis of Anserine in Skeletal Muscle by N-Methylation of Carnosines},
  author={I. McManus},
Anserine biosynthesis may occur in skeletal muscle by two and possibly three pathways: (a) condensation of l-methylhistidine with p-alanine (1, Z), (6) direct N-methylation of carnosine (3, 4), and, possibly, (c) P-alanyl transfer from carnosine to 1-methylhistidine (5). The relative importance of these various routes is unevaluated, although some studies in viva suggest that species differences are significant, e.g. methionine but not l-methylhistidine is utilized for the synthesis in viva of… Expand

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