Enxertia herbácea em Myrtaceae nativas do Rio Grande do Sul

  title={Enxertia herb{\'a}cea em Myrtaceae nativas do Rio Grande do Sul},
  author={Daiane Silva Lattuada and Paulo Vitor Dutra Souza and Mateus Pereira Gonzatto},
The objective of this study was to test the viability of the technique of green grafting in natives Myrtaceae. The experiment was conducted in greenhouse conditions of the Departamento de Horticultura e Silvicultura / UFRGS, in Porto Alegre. Two species of Myrtaceae were used, as well as rootstock and as graft, Eugenia uniflora (Surinam cherry) and E. involucrata (Rio-Grande-cherry or Cherry of the woods), totaling four combinations. The adopted grafting method consisted to cleft the graft on… CONTINUE READING