Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West, 411–533: Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought Fourth series

  title={Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West, 411–533: Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought Fourth series},
  author={A. Gillett},
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Early Categories and Uses
The history of representation does not begin with the Middle Ages. For Western society, the origins and uses of representation date back to the frameworks and conventions of ancient diplomacy, firstExpand
On Becoming Legate
As the late English diplomat, scholar, and spy, Harold Nicolson (1886-1968), once stated: ‘It is not … sufficient to possess a [diplomatic] machine; what is important is [sic] the purposes for whichExpand
The Abuses of Exactores and the Laesio Enormis – a Few Remarks
The text discusses in detail the emperor’s constitution concerning the abuses of tax collectors in Africa (CTh, X, 17, 3 = CJ, IV, 44, 16 – a. 391/392), arguing against associating it with the ideaExpand
War and Society
A defining feature of Greek society was the distinction between those who could afford to live off the labour of others, 'the rich' or leisured classes, and those who had to earn a livelihood, 'theExpand
The Reproduction of International Society
In Chapter 2 we professed to be partisans of flux. We suggested that stability is no more natural than change, and in equal need of explanation. We also suggested that international societies, andExpand


War and peace: historiography and seventh‐century embassies
The evidence for, and circumstances of, seventh-century embassies are examined, and it is suggested that the lack of documented diplomacy is partly accounted for by what may have been relativelyExpand
Origins of the European economy : communications and commerce, A.D. 300-900
Commerce, communications and the origins of the European economy Part I. The End of the World: 1. The end of the ancient world 2. Late Roman industry: case studies in decline 3. Land and riverExpand
Rome, Ravenna and the last western emperors
  • A. Gillett
  • Geography
  • Papers of the British School at Rome
  • 2001
ROMA, RAVENNA E GLI ULTIMI IMPERATORI D'OCCIDENTE Nonostante Ravenna sia stata a lungo considerata come la capitale degli imperatori tardo-romani e dei loro successori in Occidente, Odoacre e iExpand
Barbarians in Gaul, Usurpers in Britain
In the first decade of the fifth century Gaul and Britain, Spain and Italy all suffered from a succession of barbarian invasions and Roman civil wars. We possess not just one but several literaryExpand
After Rome's fall : narrators and sources of early medieval history : essays presented to Walter Goffart
This richly documented collection of essays, commissioned from a distinguished group of historians, deals with a wide range of issues in the medieval and modern historiography of the early middleExpand
Information and frontiers : Roman foreign relations in late antiquity
Preface Chronological list of selected Roman emperors (early third to early seventh century) Chronolocial list of Sasanian kings (2205-628) Maps List of abbreviations Introduction Part I. Contexts:Expand
The Chronicle of Hydatius and The Consularia Constantinopolitana
Part 1 Hydatii limmici chronica subdita: Hydatius and his "Chronicle" manuscripts and editions chronology Lacunae, fragments, and interpolations presentation of the text previous editions of MS BExpand