Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West, 411–533: Chronological table

  title={Envoys and Political Communication in the Late Antique West, 411–533: Chronological table},
  author={A. Gillett},


War and peace: historiography and seventh‐century embassies
The evidence for, and circumstances of, seventh-century embassies are examined, and it is suggested that the lack of documented diplomacy is partly accounted for by what may have been relativelyExpand
Origins of the European economy : communications and commerce, A.D. 300-900
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Rome, Ravenna and the last western emperors
  • A. Gillett
  • Geography
  • Papers of the British School at Rome
  • 2001
ROMA, RAVENNA E GLI ULTIMI IMPERATORI D'OCCIDENTE Nonostante Ravenna sia stata a lungo considerata come la capitale degli imperatori tardo-romani e dei loro successori in Occidente, Odoacre e iExpand
Barbarians in Gaul, Usurpers in Britain
In the first decade of the fifth century Gaul and Britain, Spain and Italy all suffered from a succession of barbarian invasions and Roman civil wars. We possess not just one but several literaryExpand
After Rome's fall : narrators and sources of early medieval history : essays presented to Walter Goffart
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Information and frontiers : Roman foreign relations in late antiquity
Preface Chronological list of selected Roman emperors (early third to early seventh century) Chronolocial list of Sasanian kings (2205-628) Maps List of abbreviations Introduction Part I. Contexts:Expand
The Chronicle of Hydatius and The Consularia Constantinopolitana
Part 1 Hydatii limmici chronica subdita: Hydatius and his "Chronicle" manuscripts and editions chronology Lacunae, fragments, and interpolations presentation of the text previous editions of MS BExpand