Envoi: Intractable issues in appraisal analysis?

  title={Envoi: Intractable issues in appraisal analysis?},
  author={Mary Macken-Horarik},
  journal={Text - Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse},
  • M. Macken-Horarik
  • Published 9 January 2003
  • Business
  • Text - Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse
In his introduction to this special issue, Martin posted some of the issues which an evolving theory and practice of appraisal analysis needs to address. I return to some of these issues here, exploring current and ongoing challenges in a social intersubjective model of evaluation. My discussion focuses on some of the methodological challenges of a rich text and corpus based theory of appraisal and some directions current work might take in negotiating these. 

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