Envisioning the Past

  title={Envisioning the Past},
  author={Sam Smiles and Stephanie Moser},
Tradition in Transition: Technology and Change in Archaeological Visualisation Practice
Abstract Archaeologists are the mediators between fragmented, and often contested, pasts and the momentary present. To record, organise, interpret, and reconstruct complex narratives of the past and
Monstrous hybridity of social information technologies: Through the lens of photorealism and non-photorealism in archaeological visualization
It is shown how a lifelike photorealistic visualization together with its spectator forms a cyborg, which is a monstrous runaway “object” when it drives with its own cultural force a programme that contradicts with other programmes considered important.
Zwischen Mimesis und Typus. Die rassenanthropologische Lektüre altägyptischer Menschendarstellungen im 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhundert†
Abstract Im Zuge der archäologischen Erschließung Ägyptens und des Vorderen Orients im 19. Jahrhundert kamen zahlreiche Menschendarstellungen aus den Kulturen des Altertums zum Vorschein, die auch
Art, Collaboration and Multi-Sensory Approaches in Public Microhistory: Journey with Absent Friends
In this article we reflect upon the many advantages of collaborations between academic historians and artists, as a method for presenting our work, communicating with different audiences and, most
From transaction to collaboration: redefining the academic-archivist relationship in business collections
ABSTRACT Collaboration has risen up the agenda for archives and universities in recent years, yet there is unrealized potential for co-productive modes of research between archivists and academics,
Drones over Pompeii: cinematic perspectives on antiquity in the digital era
  • J. Paul
  • Art, History
    Classical Receptions Journal
  • 2019
Cityscapes have always been an important part of films set in antiquity, but little attention has yet been paid to the way in which digital cinema uses the ancient city to offer different kinds of
From fact to fantasy
The findings of this study show that Backman used both schematic and iconic images in his research writings, and that these different image expressions had different functions: where the former was based on facts and had an informative and scientific function, the latter wasbased on fantasy/myth and used to promote ideological values and ideas.
Heritage as process : constructing the historical child's voice through art practice
David Harvey describes heritage as a ‘process’ that is not inert and takes place in the present (2010). In heritage practices there are opposing discourses and positions. Artists add another voice
Within the Walls Project : comparing heritage values as action within council & community asset transfer practices, York, UK 2014-2016
This study compares the heritage values of different community groups and one local authority in York as part of the Within the Walls Project (a Collaborative Doctoral Award with the City of York
Humanising places: exposing histories of the disenfranchised through augmented reality
The conference Challenge the Past/Diversify the Future, hosted by the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies at the University of Gothenburg in March 2015, addressed the importance of thinking