Envisioning postmortal futures: six archetypes on future societal approaches to seeking immortality

  title={Envisioning postmortal futures: six archetypes on future societal approaches to seeking immortality},
  author={Joshua Hurtado Hurtado},



The past is present: Death systems among the Indigenous Sámi in Northern Scandinavia today

Sámi death systems are described and the extent to which Kastenbaum’s conceptualisation of death systems is appropriate to Sámi culture is described, indicating these were often so interrelated as to be nearly inseparable among the SáMi.

Theories in Futures Studies: Examining the Theory Base of the Futures Field in Light of Survey Results

This review article opens discussion on theories in futures studies by analyzing survey results from Finland Futures Research Centre and using the results as an entry point to discussing theoretical

Futures of digital death: Past, present and charting emerging research agenda

The topic of digital death and how technologies are reconfigured by and reconfiguring social relationships with the deceased and dying loved ones as well as the larger ecosystem supporting such relationships are explored.

Digital Afterlife

Despite the range of studies into grief and mourning in relation to the digital, research to date largely focuses on the cultural practices and meanings that are played out in and through digital

The eclipse of eternity

Eclipses may be of the sun or of the moon. The sun of eternity, providing the light by which society was once directed, seems to be eclipsed. Or maybe the moon of eternity — offering in the dark

A Brief History of Death

A Brief History of Death offers a topical survey of views concerning death and its aftermath in the Western tradition, from prehistory to the present. It explores how humans understand and come to

“Transhumanism”: A New Global Political Trend?

It may sound like science fiction, but transhumanist political parties are catching on. They emphasize and advocate the benefits of technology for improving life. “Transhumanism” is the effort to