Environmental tobacco smoke exposure during infancy.

  title={Environmental tobacco smoke exposure during infancy.},
  author={Barbara A Chilmonczyk and George J. Knight and Glenn E Palomaki and Arto Pulkkinen and John E. Williams and James E. Haddow},
  journal={American journal of public health},
  volume={80 10},
We collected information about household smoking habits from 518 mothers when they made their first well child visit with a 6 to 8-week old infant. A urine sample was also collected from the infant, the cotinine concentration measured, and the measurement correlated with data provided by the mother. Eight percent of the infant urine cotinine values fell at or above 10 micrograms/L in the 305 households where no smoking was reported. Corresponding rates were 44 percent in the 96 households where… CONTINUE READING