Environmental sustainability of typical agro-food products: a scientifically sound and user friendly approach

  title={Environmental sustainability of typical agro-food products: a scientifically sound and user friendly approach},
  author={Hamid El Bilali and Generosa Jenny Calabrese and Massimo Iannetta and Milena Petrova Stefanova and Flavio Paoletti and Gaetano Ladisa and Francesco Bottalico and Roberto Capone},
  journal={New Medit},
The paper introduces an approach, developed in Agriculture & Quality programme, to evaluate the environmental sustainability of Apulian quality agro-food products that is integrated in the regional quality scheme “Quality Products”. It highlights the methodological approach adopted, the sustainability themes identified and the indicators selected. Indicators measurable at the farm/firm level were selected in relation to the following environmental themes: biodiversity, land use and management… 
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