Environmental state and tendencies of the Puerto Morelos CARICOMP site, Mexico.

  title={Environmental state and tendencies of the Puerto Morelos CARICOMP site, Mexico.},
  author={Rosa Elisa Rodr{\'i}guez-Mart{\'i}nez and Francisco Ru{\'i}z-Renter{\'i}a and Brigitta Ine Van Tussenbroek and Guadalupe Barba-Santos and Edgar Escalante-Mancera and Guillermo Jord{\'a}n-Garza and Eric Jord{\'a}n-Dahlgren},
  journal={Revista de biologia tropical},
  volume={58 Suppl 3},
The CARICOMP site at Puerto Morelos, Mexico was monitored from 1993 to 2005. No significant changes in air temperature, wind patterns, periodicity and quantity of rainfall, sea-surface temperature and water transparency were observed between sampling years. During the study four hurricane impacts were registered. At the coral reef site overall mean cover of fleshy algae (47%) and turf algae (36%) were high, whereas cover of corals (2%) and sponges (3%), and abundance of sea-urchins (0.04 org m… CONTINUE READING
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