Environmental genotoxicity assessment of an urban stream using freshwater planarians.

  title={Environmental genotoxicity assessment of an urban stream using freshwater planarians.},
  author={Daniel Pr{\'a} and Adriana Helena Lau and Tanise Knakievicz and Fl{\'a}via Rosa Carneiro and Bernardo Erdtmann},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={585 1-2},
Pollution is a major concern in urban areas. Due to its biological significance, genotoxicity should be a main focus for pollution biomonitoring, due mainly to the increasing complexity of the chemical environment in which organisms are exposed. Diluvio's Basin (Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil) is a heavily polluted urban ecosystem impacted by urban wastewater. Planarians are useful organism for evaluating environmental genotoxicity because of their high sensitivity, low cost, high proliferative rate… CONTINUE READING

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