Environmental flows and water governance : managing sustainable water uses

  title={Environmental flows and water governance : managing sustainable water uses},
  author={C. Pahl-Wostl and Angela H. Arthington and Janos J. Bogardi and Stuart E. Bunn and Holger Hoff and Louis Lebel and Elena Nikitina and Margaret Palmer and L Poff and Keith Richards and Maja Schl{\"u}ter and Roland E. Schulze and Andr{\'e} St-Hilaire and Rebecca E. Tharme and K. Tockner and Daniel Tsegai},
Human water security is often achieved with little consideration of environmental consequences and, even when these are acknowledged, the trade-offs between human and environmental water needs are increasing in frequency and amplitude on the increase. The environmental flows concept has continued to evolve in response to these challenges. However, the field is characterized by a limited transferability of insights, due to the prevalence of specific case-study analyses and a lack of research on… CONTINUE READING


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