Environmental fate and biodegradability of benzene derivatives as studied in a model aquatic ecosystem.

  title={Environmental fate and biodegradability of benzene derivatives as studied in a model aquatic ecosystem.},
  author={P Y Lu and Robert L. Metcalf},
  journal={Environmental Health Perspectives},
  pages={269 - 284}
A model aquatic ecosystem is devised for studying relatively volatile organic compounds and simulating direct discharge of chemical wastes into aquatic ecosystems. Six simple benzene derivatives (aniline, anisole, benzoic acid, chlorobenzene, nitrobenzene, and phthalic anhydride) and other important specialty chemicals: hexachlorobenzene, pentachlorophenol, 2,6-diethylaniline, and 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol were also chosen for study of environmental behavior and fate in the model aquatic… CONTINUE READING


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