Environmental factors determining the distribution of Suillus luteus fructifications in Pinus radiata grazing-forest plantations

  title={Environmental factors determining the distribution of Suillus luteus fructifications in Pinus radiata grazing-forest plantations},
  author={Hernan Peredo and Manuel Oliva and Anton Huber},
  journal={Plant and Soil},
The environmental factors influencing the production ofSuillus luteus in aPinus radiata — Sheep sylvopastoral system, were measured in La Union, Chile during the first two weeks of April 1981. 

Agaricales más comunes recolectados en el Campus Isla Teja de la Universidad Austral de Chile

SUMMARY 31 Agaricales s. 1. collected in Campus Isla Teja of the Universidad Austral de Chile are recorded, drawing of their most important characters are showed and same ecological aspects are

Stand age and sampling year effect on the fungal fruit body community in Pinus pinaster forests in central Spain

Changes in aboveground sporocarp composition in managed Pinus pinaster Ait forests across a stand age chronosequence from 5 to more than 90 years in Soria province (Central Spain) are studied to reveal successional patterns.

Applied research on multiple land use through silvopastoral system in Southern Chile

In 1977 a silvopastoral system was started in a 8.5 há farm with the typical soil characteristics of the coastal ranges of Southern Chile, planted with Radiata pine (Pinus radiata D.Don) 2/0, with a

Ectomycorrhizal mushroom response to partial cutting in a western hemlock - western redcedar forest

Significant block interactions demonstrated that reductions in basal area of western hemlock could lead to positive, neutral, and negative responses in mushroom richness, biomass, and number of fruiting bodies.



Influence of temperature on the mycorrhizal associations of Pinus radiata D. Don

Extremely poor colonization by some fungi at 16° compared with 20° reveals a necessity to select fungi for field inoculation on the basis of root colonization at soil temperatures appropriate to the area and season as well as on ability to stimulate plant growth.