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Environmental education and its effect on the knowledge and attitudes of preparatory school students.

  title={Environmental education and its effect on the knowledge and attitudes of preparatory school students.},
  author={Magda Magdy Abd El-Salam and Hesham M. El-Naggar and Rim A. Hussein},
  journal={The Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association},
  volume={84 3-4},
Considering the serious environmental threats facing Egypt, environmental education (EE) that provides the knowledge, skills, and motivation to take individual or collective action is needed to create a sustainable quality of life. This study was carried out aiming at measuring the level of environmental knowledge among preparatory school students in Alexandria, determining their attitudes towards some environmental concepts, and assessing the effect of EE on these knowledge and attitudes. The… 

Effectiveness of environmental education group on environmental attitude and increasing environmental awareness among the female students in Tehran

The findings emphasized that environmental education, which is proportional to age, plays a crucial role to enhance the environmental attitude and awareness and could be considered as a preventing strategy to destroy the environment.

An investigation on the environmental knowledge and attitudes of senior middle school students in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Abstract The purpose of this study is (1) to assess the level of environmental knowledge and attitudes of students in grade 1 to 3 of senior middle schools in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic


This study assessed the roles of personal factors and school exposure in determining ecological knowledge and attitudes of secondary school students in Akure South Local Government Area of Ondo

Environmental Knowledge of Participants’ Outdoor and Indoor Physical Education Lessons as an Example of Implementing Sustainable Development Strategies

: (1) Background: The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of physical activity outdoors in nature as part of physical education in schools on the level of knowledge and ecological

Assessment of College Students' Knowledge and Attitudes toward Solid Waste Management in North Central Zone of Nigeria.

This study focused on assessment of colleges of education students’ knowledge and attitudes towards solid waste management in the North-Central zone of Nigeria. The cross-sectional survey design

Outdoor vs indoor physical education lessons as an opportunity to shape environmental attitudes

  • M. Pasek
  • Education
    Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity
  • 2021
Background: Systematic contact with the natural environment seems to increase the level of human sensitivity to ecological problems. The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of physical

Assessment of secondary school students’ awareness, knowledge and attitudes to environmental pollution issues in the mining regions of South Africa: implications for instruction and learning

In this paper, we compared the levels of awareness, knowledge and attitudes (AKA) about environmental pollution of secondary school students from two South African provinces. The purpose was to

Evaluating the Level of Environmental Behaviors among Students at Jahrom University of Medical Sciences, 2016-2017

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Introduction: Environmental behavior helps to minimize environmental damage and increase the environmental benefits and advantages. The present study aimed to determine the

Fostering changes in attitude, knowledge and behavior: demographic variation in environmental education effects

Abstract This study employs a uniquely multi-factorial, large-scale design to investigate baseline differences and the effects of a singular outdoor educational program on environmental attitudes,



On the status of environmental education and awareness of undergraduate students at Ankara University, Turkey

The study reported in this paper was undertaken during 2001 and early 2002 to assess the status of environmental education and awareness of undergraduate students at Ankara University, Turkey. The

Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior in Dutch Secondary Education

Abstract In the Dutch National Assessment Program, environmental knowledge, environmental attitudes, and environmentally responsible behavior were studied in a nationwide sample of more than 9,000

Lebanese Secondary School Students' Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes

This study aimed to (a) assess Lebanese secondary school students' environmental knowledge and attitudes, and (b) explore the relationship between participants' knowledge and attitudes, biographical

Views of elementary and middle school Turkish students toward environmental issues

This study was conducted in order to identify the intensity of Turkish students’ views with regard to environmental issues presented in the national curriculum and to determine how these views differ

Pre-service High School Teachers' Perceptions of Three Environmental Phenomena

The focus of the study was to identify and describe misconceptions held by pre-service high school science teachers regarding three environmental issues: the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, and

Relationship Between Environmental Knowledge and Environmental Attitude of High School Students

Abstract High school students' environmental knowledge and attitudes were assessed from a questionnaire administered before and after exposure to a 10-day environmental science course. Results

Factors Influencing Children's Environmental Attitudes

Abstract In a study of 6th-grade students, it was found that ecologistic and moralistic attitudes toward the environment correlated with talking about the environment at home, watching nature Alms,

Energy literacy among middle and high school youth

An energy literacy survey for middle and high school students has been developed according to established psychometric principles and methodologies. The survey measures energy-related knowledge,

Environmental Knowledge Of College Nutrition Students

The overall environmental knowledge among college nutrition students was low and more emphasis should be placed on promoting environmental knowledge in college curriculums.

Investigating Factors Affecting Environmental Behavior of Urban Residents: A Case Study in Tehran City- Iran

Environmental problems such as air and water pollution, urban garbage and climate changes in urban areas are the results of human behavior. Only change in human behavior can reduce these