Environmental data card utilizing SAW gas sensors and PCMCIA interface

  title={Environmental data card utilizing SAW gas sensors and PCMCIA interface},
  author={H. Stab and Matthias Ploetner and Otto Berger and Helmut Dr Ing Koenig and Hagen Gr{\"a}tz and W.-J. Fischer},
  journal={1999 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium. Proceedings. International Symposium (Cat. No.99CH37027)},
  pages={481-484 vol.1}
Nowadays the monitoring of environmental data like air pollution concentrations demands low-priced, mobile, and easily adaptable gas sensor systems. To meet such requirements we are developing an environmental data card for gas detection based on a PCMCIA card carrying up to four SAW chemical gas sensors in a small air chamber. The utilization of this interface card with its geometry internationally standardized offers widely applicable solutions for both mobile gas monitoring using a laptop… CONTINUE READING


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