Environmental conditions in burrows of two species of African mole-rat , Georhychus capensis and Cryptomys damarensis

  title={Environmental conditions in burrows of two species of African mole-rat , Georhychus capensis and Cryptomys damarensis},
  author={Timothy J. Roper and Nigel C Bennett and Larissa Conradt and Andrew J Molteno},
Temperature and respiratory gas (CO2 and O2) concentrations were measured in the foraging tunnels of burrows naturally inhabited by two species of southern African mole-rats, the Cape mole-rat Georhychus capensis and the Damaraland mole-rat Cryptomys damarensis. Both species are completely fossorial and inhabit closed burrow systems. Tunnels of G. capensis burrows had a mean diameter of 8.7 cm and a depth, measured to the roof of the tunnel, of 6.2 cm; those of C. damarensis had a mean diameter… CONTINUE READING


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