Environmental biogeochemical behaviors of rare earth elements in soil-plant systems.

  title={Environmental biogeochemical behaviors of rare earth elements in soil-plant systems.},
  author={Tao Liang and Shen Zhang and Lijun Wang and Hsiang-te Kung and Yuqi Wang and Aitang Hu and Shiming Ding},
  journal={Environmental geochemistry and health},
  volume={27 4},
With the continual increase in the utilization of rare earth elements (REEs) for industrial and agricultural purposes in China, the research into the environmental biogeochemical behavior of REEs has become a pressing issue. The REEs' content in soil and various parts of wheat under different conditions in soil-plant systems were measured by INAA and ICP-MS. The results showed four aspects. (1) The mean value of total REEs in soil of China was 176.8 mg kg(-1). The mean ratio of SigmaLREE… CONTINUE READING

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