Environmental assessment and health impact assessment

  title={Environmental assessment and health impact assessment},
  author={Salim Vohra and Marla R. Orenstein and Francesca Viliani and Ben Cave and Ben Harris-Roxas and Filipe Silva},
HIA and EA are approaches and processes that support better, healthier, and more sustainable policy development and decisionmaking. When undertaken well, and when valued and applied, they can also help to support better, more informed, transparent and democratic policy development and decision- making processes. However, they are not a panacea; rather, they constitute one important piece of the policy development and decision- making puzzle. Public health practitioners need to increase their… Expand
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An overall increasing trend in global HIA practice can be observed, and efforts are needed to address the main barriers in the utilisation of HIA to sustain this upward trend. Expand


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> “The general objective of such assessments is to improve knowledge about the potential impact of a policy or programme, inform decision-makers and affected people, and facilitate adjustment of theExpand
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HIA must add value to decision making and lead to better decisions than would have otherwise been made and ensure that health is considered. Expand
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Gary Krieger and colleagues present a polarising narrative, pitting themselves, as private sector consultants, against health impact assessment (HIA) as conceptualised in the Gothenburg Consensus, and are called on to develop a post-Gothenburg inter national HIA consensus that moves the debate forward. Expand
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The findings challenge some presumptions about ‘right’ timing for HIA and the rationality and linearity of decision-making processes and can help HIA practitioners and researchers identify what can be enhanced within the HIA process. Expand
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Health Impact Assessments, Regulation, and the Unconventional Gas Industry in the UK: Exploiting Resources, Ideology, and Expertise?
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Equitable and ethical HIA principles are urgently needed in the UK in relation to unconventional gas to secure the integrity and probity of the emerging regulatory system and address concerns regarding unregulated practitioners. Expand
The overall aim when conducting an HIA is to influence decision making to minimise the harm and maximise the health benefit of proposals. Expand