Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact of Erosion in Nigeria, West Africa

  title={Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact of Erosion in Nigeria, West Africa},
  author={O. Igwe and H. Fukuoka},
  journal={International Journal of Erosion Control Engineering},
  • O. Igwe, H. Fukuoka
  • Published 2010
  • Geography
  • International Journal of Erosion Control Engineering
The environmental and socio-economic impact of erosion in Nigeria is huge and well-known to international organizations including the United Nations. Although gully erosion is a serious problem in south eastern Nigeria, it does not affect all the states in the region equally. While Abia, Anambra Enugu and Imo states are severely affected, Ebonyi state is mildly affected. It is shown in this paper that geology and nature of soils underlying the areas, rather than the level of human activity, are… Expand

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