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Environmental Policy and Direct Taxation in EUrope

  title={Environmental Policy and Direct Taxation in EUrope},
  author={P. Essers and P. A. Flutsch and Manon A. Ultee},
Preface. List of Contributors. List of Abbreviations. Table of Legislation. Country Reports. 1. Belgium F. Vanistendael. 2. France C. David, B. Bohnert. 3. Germany A.J. Radler, A. Winkler. 4. Italy F. Gallo, et al. 5. The Netherlands P.H.J. Essers. 6. Spain T. Rosembuj, A. Baena. 7. United Kingdom D. Williams. General Conclusions P.H.J. Essers. Index. 
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  • American Journal of International Law
  • 2000