Environmental Justice in the 21st Century: Race Still Matters

  title={Environmental Justice in the 21st Century: Race Still Matters},
  author={Robert D. Bullard},

Environmental Racism and the Contamination of Black Lives: A Literature Review

Exclusionary housing policies concentrate housing inequities, disproportionately exposing Black communities to environmental pollutants, and isolating them from essential health resources (Dimick et

White, Green futures

ABSTRACT Black, Indigenous and otherwise minoritized communities of color are amongst the most vulnerable to the adverse consequences of environmental crises and the solutions proposed to remedy

Race matters: a phenomenological study of cultural education and preservation in the Gullah-Geechee community

Even with the success of the American Preservation Movement and National Trust, most preservation efforts in the United States are focused on sites with patriotic significance favoring the nation’s

“We Should Never Be a Hindsight”: Food Justice in North End Halifax (K’jipuktuk)

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a Combined Honours Degree in Environment, Sustainability and Society and International Development Studies

Addressing Environmental Racism Through Storytelling: Toward an Environmental Justice Narrative Framework

This study uses communication, critical race theory (CRT), and storytelling to examine environmental racism and environmental justice efforts. In New Mexico’s Petroglyph National Monument, a conflict

The Shared Cultural Knowledge and Beliefs about Cancer in the Yavapai-Apache Community

Native American communities face an ongoing challenge of effectively addressing cancer health disparities, as well as environmental racism issues that may compound these inequities. This dissertation

Les nouveaux chantiers de la justice environnementale : introduction

Dans un contexte global ou l’amplification des inegalites sociales comme les degradations environnementales occupent une part croissante des debats et des agendas politiques, le probleme des

Confronting Power and Environmental Injustice: Legacy Pollution and the Timber Industry in Southern Mississippi

ABSTRACT Research has documented how grass-roots activists deploy the environmental justice frame to convey their grievances and demand their right to health and safety. While scholars have

An equity and environmental justice assessment of anti-science actions during the Trump administration.

In the United States, science shapes federal health and safety protections, but political officials can and do politicize federal science and science-based safeguards. Many presidential



Invisible Houston: The Black Experience in Boom and Bust

Houston was Boomtown USA in the 1970s, growing through tremendous immigration of people and through frequent annexation of outlying areas. But in the shadow of the high-rise "petropolis" was another

Most states have chosen to ignore the law

  • States need to do a better job assuring nondiscrimination in the application and implementation of permitting decisions, enforcement, and investment decisions. Environmental justice also means sharing in the benefits. Governments must live up to their mandate of
  • 1964

Dumping In Dixie: Race, Class, And Environmental Quality, Third Edition

* List of Tables and Illustrations * Preface * Acknowledgments * List of Acronyms * 1. Environmentalism and Social Justice * Race Versus Class in Spatial Location * The Theoretical Basis of

Dumping in Dixie: Race, Class, and Environmental Quality.

Review of National Ambient Air Quality standards for ozone assessment of scientific and technical information. OAQPS staff paper (June 1996). Final report

This staff paper evaluates and interprets the updated scientific and technical information that EPA staff believes is most relevant to the review of primary and secondary national ambient air quality

Race and the Incidence of Environmental Hazards

Introduction (Bunyan Bryant and Paul Mohai.) Toxic Waste and Race in the United States (Charles Lee.) Can the Environmental Movement Attract and Maintain the Support of Minorities? (Dorceta Taylor.)