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Environmental Justice Litigation: Another Stone in David’s Sling

  title={Environmental Justice Litigation: Another Stone in David’s Sling},
  author={Luke W. Cole},
  journal={Fordham Urban Law Journal},
My Year of Citation Studies, Part 4
What can we learn by examining patterns of citations to law journal articles? In this installment of my four-part series, I look at a sample of 32 law journals. It's a small sample, but has variety:
Making Public Participation Meaningful: Assessing Twenty-Five Years of Community Strategies for Environmental Justice in Kettleman City, CA
Author(s): Arata, Heather | Abstract: For the past 45 years, state and federal laws have required government agencies to include the public in the permitting process of facilities that could have a
Participating as amicus curiae in exclusionary zoning litigation : developing the court's understanding of the principles of environmental justice
This thesis analyzes several aspects of the difficulties in litigating concerns of environmental injustice in order to purpose an alternative approach that still allows groups to enter the public
This Land Is Not Our Land
principles extracted from those frameworks therefore bear the marks of that erasure, insofar as different historical accounts would likely have produced different theoretical conclusions about the
Enhancing Resilience and Justice in Climate Adaptation Laws
Abstract Resilience thinking – an approach for understanding and managing change – is increasingly central to climate change adaptation law and policy. Yet the influence of adaptation law and policy
Taking away David’s sling*: environmental justice and land-use conflict in extractive resource development
ABSTRACT Exploring cases of gas and coal extraction in Australia and the U.S.A., this paper considers instances in which legal and political frameworks have been used to prioritise development
Restoring a River to Reclaim a City?: The Politics of Urban Sustainability and Environmental Justice in the Los Angeles River Watershed
Author(s): Kim, Esther Grace | Advisor(s): Romm, Jeff | Abstract: This dissertation examines the intersection of urban sustainability and environmental justice (EJ) in Los Angeles, California. ‘Urban
Environmental Justice Litigation in California: How Effective is Litigation in Addressing Slow Violence?
As the environmental justice movement has spread and become more mainstream since its start in the 1980s, its framework and body of knowledge has expanded, and environmental justice activists,
Environmental justice in the courts
The focus of this chapter is on environmental justice in the courts, which makes up only one small portion of the movement’s overall concerns and activities. More specifically, this chapter