Environmental Deregulation, Spectacular Racism, and White Nationalism in the Trump Era

  title={Environmental Deregulation, Spectacular Racism, and White Nationalism in the Trump Era},
  author={Laura Pulido and Tianna Bruno and Cristina Faiver-Serna and Cassandra Galentine},
  journal={Annals of the American Association of Geographers},
  pages={520 - 532}
This article examines the relationship between racism and environmental deregulation in President Trump’s first year in office. We collected data on all environmental events, such as executive actions at the federal level or Trump’s tweets. Likewise, we documented racist events targeting indigenous people, people of color, Muslims, and South Asians or Arabs. We found important differences in how these agendas unfolded: Environmental events were more likely to be concrete actions, whereas racist… 
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