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Environmental Considerations for Port and Harbor Developments

  title={Environmental Considerations for Port and Harbor Developments},
  author={J. Davis and Scott G. MacKnight},

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Association of juveniles of four fish species with sandbanks in Durban Bay, KwaZulu Natal.

The overall aim of this study was to establish the nature of the association of the juveniles of four common fish species viz.

Dredging and the Environment

Strengthening marine pollution control : the international move towards statutory requirements

Over the past 25 years many conventions have come into existence aimed at containing adverse environmental impacts caused by vessel operations. Their effectiveness has been limited due to widespread

Bio-remediation of Most Contaminated Sites by Heavy Metals and Hydrocarbons In Dhiba Port Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Using Chlorella Vulgaris

Dhiba port has a strategic location near the Neom project. Various anthropogenic activities contributed to the discharge of heavy metals and oil spill in the aquatic system and caused environmental

Waste management of a maritime port-the case of Mongla port authority

During voyage of a ship from one port to another, different types of wastes generated due to operation of the ship and livelihood of the crews, which fall under the scope of international convention

Tourist Development in the Costa Brava (Girona, Spain): A Quantification of Pressures on the Coastal Environment

The “tourist industry” will be the world leader economic sector by the year 2000, representing in 1987 the 12% of the world GDP (WTO 1993). Tourist activities bring income and jobs, increased

Ports and Environmental Justice in the United States: An Exploratory Statistical Analysis

  • M. Greenberg
  • Sociology
    Risk analysis : an official publication of the Society for Risk Analysis
  • 2021
With ports expanding, the author discusses the need for maintaining and upgrading EPA's screening tool and considers that alternative futures for port neighborhoods depend upon the strength of their civic groups and elected officials, the role of their government port authorities, and civic values of their commercial users.

The Introduction to System Dynamics Approach to Operational Efficiency and Sustainability of Dry Port’s Main Parameters

This paper analyzes the shortcomings of previous research related to the dry port’s implementation from the perspective of the applied numerous parameters concerning evaluating its operational efficiency and sustainability and develops a developed system of the main parameters.


A atividade de dragagem e realizada em regioes portuarias para o aprofundamento, o alargamento e a manutencao do livre acesso das embarcacoes, bem como para a prevencao de acidentes e perdas, tendo,



Long-Term Effects of Dredging Operations Program. The Duwamish Waterway Capping Demonstration Project: Engineering Analysis and Results of Physical Monitoring.

Abstract : This paper summarizes the initial fieldwork and presents results through the first (6-month) monitoring effort for the subaqueous disposal and capping of contaminated dredged material on

Disposal Alternatives for Contaminated Dredged Material as a Management Tool to Minimize Adverse Environmental Effects.

Abstract : This report is a guidelines manual to assist in selecting disposal alternatives for contaminated dredged material to minimize adverse environmental effects. It is directed to the small

Fundamentals of Capping Contaminated Dredged Material

Contaminated dredged material disposed in subaqueous sites may be chemically and biologically isolated by covering or capping with a layer of clean material. The capping concept is simple; however,

Test Dredging of Bottom Sediments in Osaka Bay

Abstract : Test dredging was carried out with cutterless dredges in Osaka Bay where bottom sediments contain severe organic contamination. The Oozer pump dredge was also studied in this test work.

Dredging Operations Technical Support Program. Effectiveness of Capping in Isolating Dutch Kills Sediment from Biota and the Overlying Water.

Abstract : The effectiveness of capping in chemically and biologically isolating contaminated dredged material was investigated using laboratory reactor units. The ability of Buttermilk Channel cap

Procedural Guide for Designation Surveys of Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Sites. Revision

Abstract : This procedural guide has been prepared to meet the needs of the Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, and ocean scientists who have been or will be called upon to carry

The petrochemical industry in developing Asia : review of the current situation and prospects for development in the 1990s

The purpose of this report is to address the need for information on the petrochemical industry in Asia in view of the fast-evolving situation of the industry in the region and the growing

Minizing the cost of maintenance dredging

Description d'un projet collectif de recherche sur le dragage (MKO), mene depuis douze ans dans le port de Rotterdam, et comprenant trois axes principaux: recherches sur la nature des processus de

Overview of Port-Related Industries (Prep

  • by E.G. Frankel, G. Panagakos, G. Mahnken). Transportation Dept. 379 pp.
  • 1986

First Practical Experience with the Industrial-Sea'.

  • 1988