Environmental Conditions’ Big Data Management and Cloud Computing Analytics for Sustainable Agriculture

  title={Environmental Conditions’ Big Data Management and Cloud Computing Analytics for Sustainable Agriculture},
  author={Duncan Onyango Waga and Kefa V. O. Rabah},
The World is getting swamped with data to the tune of 7ZB a year mostly emanating from the ‘internet of things’ devices. This data is scattered in various devices and no meaningful relationship may be derived from it, and neither can this terrific rate be managed by traditional storage or processors. It is believed that organizations that are best able to make real-time business decisions using Big Data solutions will thrive, while those that are unable to embrace and make use of this shift… Expand
Challenges of Identifying and Utilizing Big Data Analytics in a Resource-Constrained Environment: In the Case of Ethiopia
Challenges of identifying and utilizing big data analytics in the resource-constrained environment in the case of Ethiopia have been explored using some case studies and a conceptual framework of the study were formulated. Expand
A smart agricultural model by integrating IoT, mobile and cloud-based big data analytics
IoT device is used to sense the agricultural data and it is stored into the Cloud database and the prediction is performed based on data mining technique which information reaches the farmer via mobile app and the ultimate aim is to increase the crop production and control the agricultural cost of the products using this predicted information. Expand
Big Data Driven Smart Agriculture: Pathway for Sustainable Development
The study suggests that government initiatives, public-private partnership, openness of data, financial investment and regional basis research work are necessary for implementing the big data technologies in agriculture at large scale. Expand
Big Data for Smart Agriculture
  • Nidhi
  • Computer Science
  • 2020
Big Data, if unlocked intelligently, and analytics has the potential to add value across each step and can streamline food processing value chains starting from selection of right agri-inputs, monitoring the soil moisture, tracking prices of market, controlling irrigations, finding the right selling point and getting the right price. Expand
Environment Change Prediction to Adapt Climate- Smart Agriculture Using Big Data Analytics
Now a day, the increased climate variability is challenging to farmers. It will expect to influence on crop and livestock productivity. So new approaches are required to farmers with updated andExpand
Machine Learning-Based Decision Support System for Effective Quality Farming
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Design of smart agriculture based on big data and Internet of things
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A review on the practice of big data analysis in agriculture
A review of current studies and research works in agriculture which employ the recent practice of big data analysis, showing that the availability of hardware and software, techniques and methods for big dataAnalysis, as well as the increasing openness ofbig data sources, shall encourage more academic research, public sector initiatives and business ventures in the agricultural sector. Expand
The big data processing platform for intelligent agriculture
Big data technology is another popular technology after the Internet of Things and cloud computing. Big data is widely used in many fields such as social platform, e-commerce, and financial analysisExpand
A Taxonomy and Future Directions for Sustainable Cloud Computing
A comprehensive taxonomy of sustainable cloud computing is proposed to investigate the existing techniques for sustainability that need careful attention and investigation as proposed by several academic and industry groups. Expand


SPBD: Streamlining Big-Data Processing in Cloud Environments
Overall processing time is abstracted as an optimization problem and derive the optimal solution and SPBD is shown to reduce user wait time by up to 34% for a traditional WordCount application and up to 31%, for a metagenomic application. Expand
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When the executive convened a group of senior leaders to dig into the competitor’s practices, they found that the challenge ran deeper than they had imagined. The competitor had made massiveExpand
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Wagging the long tail of earth science : Why we need an earth science data web , and how to build it
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