Environmental Awareness to Realizing Green Islamic Boarding School (Eco-Pesantren) In Indonesia

  title={Environmental Awareness to Realizing Green Islamic Boarding School (Eco-Pesantren) In Indonesia},
  author={Herdis Herdiansyah and Trisasono Jokopitoyo and Ahmad Mubarak Munir},
  journal={IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science},
This paper is based on Community Engagement Grants program which developed through stakeholder cooperation method. It means the involvement and participation of Pesantren community and the peoples around it as well as the institutions whose have aim related with the program try to realizegood environmental health for communities around it. Through empowerment approach which positioning Pesantren community, local people, and related institutionas a subject, the moral and religion values in… 

Eco-Pesantren as A Basic Forming of Environmental Moral and Theology

The rising of education with an environmentally friendly approach becomes one of the focuses on implementing sustainable growth of social life. This principle includes an attempt to develop the

The practice of local economic development and Maqāṣid al-Sharī‘ah: Evidence from a Pesantren in West Java, Indonesia

This paper aims to study the Pesantren’s role in alleviating the poverty in rural region, and the discussion is connected to the theory of local economic development and Maqāṣid al-Sharī‘ah.,This

Interrelation Kiai Authorities, Curriculum and Learning Culture in Pesantren Indonesia

AbstractIn the education system of Pesantren salaf (traditional Islamic boarding school), Kiai is the highest authority in determining the direction and policies of a pesantren. The figure of Kiai in

The Analysis of Green School Program Impact on Environmental Management Behavior and Psychology of High School Students in Jakarta

  • Haris AmrullahH. Herdiansyah
  • Education
    Proceedings of the Proceedings of the 1st EAI International Conference on Medical And Health Research, ICoMHER November 13-14th 2018, Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia
  • 2019
As the next generation, high school students receive teaching and habituation about behavior towards the environment. The form of habituation of environmental management behavior is done through

“The earth is your mosque”: narrative perspectives of environmental health and education in the Holy Quran

  • B. Aboul-Enein
  • Education
    Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences
  • 2017
Philosophical and ideological arguments have been proposed in support of the importance of the environment and environmental health. An argument that has been given recent attention includes the

Fiscal legitimacy of environmental taxation: challenges for green growth policy

In Indonesia the fiscal legitimacy of environmental taxation has not received serious attention from tax experts. This is proved by the limited number of studies investigating it. There are at least

Cultural Communications of Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia

Pesantren communication culture is quite distinct from other cultures, as it has its own unique, unique, and distinct culture. The santri's obedience, sincerity, and respect for the Kyai exemplify

Women’s Environmental Literacy in Managing Waste for Environmental Sustainability of the City

The article illustrates the research on environmental literacy of women in Jakarta, Indonesia, related to managing household waste through the application of the ‘5R’ principle: reduce, reuse,

Science Teachers Abilities in Integrating Population and Environmental Education with Science Subjects of Junior High School in Mamasa Regency, Indonesia

This study aims to find the ability of science teachers in integrating Population and Environmental Education (Pendidikan Kependudukan dan Lingkungan Hidup/PKLH) with science subjects based on the

Development of Mathematics Teaching Device Integrated with Quranic Values: Issues, Challenges, and Implementation Model

The purpose of this study was to develop an integrated mathematics teaching device with Quranic values that meet valid, practical, and effective criteria to meet good product standards. This study



A Preliminary Investigation into the Environmental Awareness of the Omani Public and their Willingness to Protect the Environment

This study was conducted with the objective of evaluating the present status of environmental awareness of Omani citizens and their willingness to contribute to environmental protection. The focus of

Maintaining a healthy environment : an Islamic ethical approach.

Islam plays an important role in preservation of the quality of a precious environment. This is because, according to Islam, not only Allah (s.w.t) has absolute sovereignty over man's life and death,

Educative tradition and Islamic schools in Indonesia

An Islamic school that subscribes to an educative tradition is essentially one that sees compatibility between the inculcation of religious values and the acquisition of ‘modern’ knowledge and

Assessment of Environmental Awareness among Higher Primary School Teachers

Abstract The present study is an attempt to study the environmental awareness of higher primary school teachers of Mysore City in India. A total of 300 teachers (136 male and 164 female) teaching in

An Islamic Perspective on Environmental Literacy.

Introduction Man has forgotten his relationship with the environment and is instead trying to become its master, but does he have an unlimited license to destroy (Abraham and Chacko, 2000)? Damaging

The role of religion in conservation

SummaryThe World Conservation Strategy is essentially a mancentred technical document which carries a great and largely unstated moral issue of restraint for the long-term common good in the face of

Effects of an Environmental Education Program on the Environmental Orientations of Children from Different Gender, Age, and Ethnic Groups

Concerns regarding the profound physical, social, and psychological problems associated with childhood nature deprivation have catalyzed extensive growth in nature-based education programs. Recent

Environmental Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Some Problems and Prospects International Review for Environmental Strategies

  • 2000

Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School: A Form of Moderate Islamic Teaching in Indonesia

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Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School: A Form of Moderate Islamic Teaching in Indonesia. London: Kantor Atase Pendidikan KBRI

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