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Environment-Induced Rabi Oscillations in the Optomechanical Boson-Boson Model

  title={Environment-Induced Rabi Oscillations in the Optomechanical Boson-Boson Model},
  author={Y. Minoguchi and P. Kirton and P. Rabl},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
We analyze the strong-coupling dynamics of a driven harmonic oscillator whose energy is modulated by a continuum of other bosonic modes. This type of system-bath interaction appears, for example, in optomechanical or equivalent circuit QED setups, where the frequency of a confined photonic mode depends linearly on a fluctuating boundary. Compared to the canonical spin-boson model, where coupling to bath modes only leads to decoherence, the role of the environment in such systems is more complex… Expand

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