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Environment & PEST Analysis : An Approach to External Business Environment

  title={Environment \& PEST Analysis : An Approach to External Business Environment},
  author={Abhishek Gupta},
Environmental management, a term encompassing environmental planning, protection, monitoring, assessment, research, education, conservation and sustainable use of resources, is now accepted as a major guiding factor for sustainable development at the regional and national level. It is now being increasingly recognized that environmental factors and ecological imperatives must be in built to the total planning process if the longterm goal of making industrial development sustainable is to be… 

Searching Key Macro-Factors for Cooperation in Cross-Border Tourism: Institutional Matrix vs. PEST Concept

Purpose: This study presents the concepts of identification and operationalization of key success factors of cross-border cooperation and their interpretation from the perspective of economics and

A Contemporary Approach For Strategic Management in Tourism Sector: PESTEL Analysis on The City Muğla, Turkey

  • Ergun Kara
  • Business
    Journal of Business Research - Turk
  • 2018
The scope of the present study is to estimate the influence of the PESTEL dimensions (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal) on the tourism sector in Muğla, Turkey. For

Critical strategic analysis forecast: A case study of Post Holdings Buying Weetabix company

There is no denying the fact that businesses have evolved due to globalization and technological advancements. Many organizations are therefore confronted with increasing levels of challenges in the

International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research, Oct-2019 ISSN (2226-8235) Vol-8, Issue 10

In the aspect of disaster response, TNI-AL has a duty other than war (OMSP), namely disaster response operations in the regional area. However, TNI-AL still has several obstacles in implementing the


Purpose – to propose an assessment tool of the environment of FinTech sector. Research methodology – systematic analysis of scientific literature has been carried out to form a methodology for

Challenges Associated with Running A Green Business in India and Other Developing Countries

Running a green business in India and other developing economies is indeed a challenging job for the producers involved in this business. In a green business environment, the company may re-design

Methodological Redirections for an Evolutionary Approach of the External Business Environment

The usual strategic analysis perceives the external business environment fragmentarily and without a coherent and unifying way. The three levels that a typical analysis of the external business

Organic Agricultural Products: A Comparative Study of India with Other Economies

Organic agricultural products have a unique method of production which protects the environment and minimizes the erosion of soil and thereby reduces pollution by encouraging a balanced system of

Environmental Scanning and Market Share of Selected Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Lagos State, Nigeria

Environmental scanning plays a critical role in ensuring that the performance of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) is improved and therefore serves as a good avenue for organisational



The new strategic thinking : pure & simple

Bestselling author Michel Robert gives you his trademark pure and simple rules for developing solid business strategies. In this anticipated follow-up to his previous bestsellers, management expert

Technology Management: Developing and Implementing Effective Licensing Programs

Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 To License or Not to License ... Alternative Approaches. New Venture. Acquisition. Joint Venture. Licensing. Strategic Alliance. Sale. Technology Management Strategies.

Globalizing Customer Solutions: The Enlightened Confluence of Technology, Innovation, Trade, and Investment

Preface Introduction and the Global Economic Metrics Globalization - The New Paradigm Technology & Innovation International Trade Trade Distortions Multilateral vs. Alternative Trade Practices The

The Pest, BiblioBazaar, USA

  • Markus Slamanig,
  • 2010