Envelope-finite element (EVFE) technique-2-D guided wave examples

  title={Envelope-finite element (EVFE) technique-2-D guided wave examples},
  author={Yuanxun Ethan Wang and Tatsuo Itoh},
  journal={2001 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Sympsoium Digest (Cat. No.01CH37157)},
  pages={741-744 vol.2}
A novel full-wave technique, called EVFE method, is proposed to simulate the time-domain envelopes of electromagnetic waves. Based on finite element method (FEM) solutions, EVFE method introduces the circuit envelope simulation concept into electromagnetics the first time. Compared to traditional time-domain simulation techniques such as FDTD or FETD methods, only the signal envelope needs to be sampled in EVFE simulation. Therefore it can bring magnitudes of computation savings when it is… CONTINUE READING