Envejecimiento comunicativo: “perspectiva fonoaudiológica”

  title={Envejecimiento comunicativo: “perspectiva fonoaudiol{\'o}gica”},
  author={Martha Lucia Rinc{\'o}n Bustos and M{\'o}nica Obando Soto and Mar{\'i}a Eugenia Garc{\'i}a Grisales and Erika Romero Berm{\'u}dez},
This article shows how a theoretical text review which has as its primary objective to present from the Pathology of Speech Therapy, the process of communicative approach from concepts like presbyacusis, presbifonia, impaired language and cognitive impairment as fundamental elements in the communication process and then to publicize a proposed approach to the older person focused more on conservation communicative processes not specific to disability rehabilitation. Key words: Communication… CONTINUE READING