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Enumeration of Total Heterotrophic Bacteria and Some Physico- Chemical Characteristics of Surface Water Used for Drinking Sources in Wilberforce Island, Nigeria

  title={Enumeration of Total Heterotrophic Bacteria and Some Physico- Chemical Characteristics of Surface Water Used for Drinking Sources in Wilberforce Island, Nigeria},
  author={Ebisomu C. Agedah and Ebinyo Rebecca Ineyougha and Sylvester Chibueze Izah},
Surface water is a source of drinking water in most rural communities in Nigeria. This study evaluated the total heterotrophic bacteria (THB) counts and some physico-chemical characteristics of Rivers surrounding Wilberforce Island, Nigeria.Samples were collected in July 2007 and analyzed using standard procedures. The result of the THB ranged from 6.389 – 6.434Log cfu/ml. The physico-chemical parameters results ranged from 6.525 – 7.105 (pH), 56.075 – 64.950µS/cm (Conductivity), 0.010 – 0.050… 

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